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1. Griddlers
FREE site for those who love logic puzzles. Thousands of paint-by-number puzzles to solve online/offline special section for kids. Sharp you...
[ http://www.griddlers.net/ ]

2. Optical Illusions
Illusions to trick you and entertain your eyes with brain tricks and hundreds...
[ http://www.optillusions.com ]

3. Live Sudoku
Play sudoku online for free with Live Sudoku. All puzzles contains hints and solutions. Create customized sudoku ebooks to print and send challenges to...
[ http://www.live-sudoku.com ]

4. People Search
Collection of word search puzzles with the names of famous people in many...
[ http://www.people-search.hm/ ]

5. All Trivia Game
Interactive quiz site similar to the fun trivia game show "Who wants to...
[ http://www.alltrivia.net/ ]

puzzle games link page: More games link:
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